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Feng Shui means "wind & water", ancient wisdom, offer a method of living life in a harmonious relationship with the Earth's environment and with its energy lines.

Its practice can enhance your good fortune in many areas of your life, your family, your career and your business.

  • Balance and harmonious design:
  • Feng Shui and Your Home.
  • Feng Shui and Your Business.
  • Feng Shui and Your Bedroom.
  • Will improving your Health, Romance, and Marriage...
  • Here I will show you some Basic Feng Shui.

    The Magic of Basic Position & Energy.

    The 'Linh' is the Cosmic breath or energy ascribed to the atmosphere, the earth and humans. The placement of your house, your working desk, or rooms within your house can affect to you. If you know how to enhance environmental ' Linh' flow, you can increase happiness, wealth, and vitality.

  • There are 4 importance areas surrounding you: To make it simple, visualize around you these 4 areas: the front, the back, the left side & the right side.
    1. The Front in Vietnamese Feng Shui called: Phượng = The Phoenix.
    2. The back: in Vietnamese Feng Shui called: Qui = The Turtle
    3. The right side in Vietnamese Feng Shui called = Lân = The Tiger
    4. The left side in Vietnamese Feng Shui called = Long = The Dragon
  • Your position is at the center.

  • The front is the phoenix, so in front of your house, your work desk or bed, there should be a clear space to absorb the 'Positive Energy' that is necessary for your well being. Trees always attract negative energy, as does a temple or church!!! Avoid any large tree, temple or church! in front of your main door! I rarely see any house or small business succeed when this is so, unless the building is very large by comparison with the church or the temple.
  • The back is the Turtle and this gives support and protection, just as the armchair supports and protects your back. So behind your house you should have few big trees, hills or another house a little bit higher than yours. Your work chair has to be an armchair with support for your back and your arms. (If you sit on a stool with your back to the entrance door, do you feel comfortable or not?)
  • The right side is the Tiger now this gives protection and defense. So your house's right side should has another house, which is smaller or lower than your house, a garage or at least a fence. As your desk and your bed should has a small table or a set of drawers on the right side.
  • The left side is power and activity, as its named the Dragon, your house's left side should have a clear space for its' activity to be available. Apply this method to your work desk and the bed of your master room.
  • If you use these 4 areas I have just described, you will notice a difference within a short period of time, good things will begin to happen. For instance in my experience, when I have seen people playing cards, by their position I can mostly determined who will be a winner or be a loser! On almost all occasions I can tell whether or not a business will be a successful by its placement.
  • If your house is not harmonious according to the 4 areas above, you can try to re-position your working desk, your bed room, and the 'Linh' or the energy currents will be encouraged to enter your office or your home and will attract harmony and balance into your life.
  • Try it and you wil ... Xin bấm vào đây để XEM TIẾP... »
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