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Software chống dọ thám máy tính
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Software chống dọ thám máy tính

Phương Tôn

Các tổ chức bảo vệ dân quyền trên thế giới vừa tung ra một Software miễn phí nhằm giúp người dùng tìm trong máy PC của mình có bị cài đặt các chương trình dọ thám Spyware hay không.
Theo tổ chức Amnesty International, một vài tổ chức Dân quyền và các nhà hoạt động Internet vừa đưa ra một Software với tên gọi „Detekt“ giúp người sử dụng tìm kiếm trong máy PC của mình những Software gián điệp của các chính phủ cài đặt nhằm theo dõi và canh chừng các nhà hoạt động Nhân quyền cũng như các nhà báo tự do.

Amnesty International cho rằng, „Detekt“ được phổ biến miễn phí nhằm tạo thêm hiệu quả cho sự giám sát nhân quyền cũng như bảo vệ quyền tự do ngôn luận. "Software này là một dụng cụ nhằm tự bảo vệ hiệu quả chống lại sự giám sát điên cuồng của các nhà cầm quyền“, theo tuyên bố của Alexander Sander, Giám đốc điều hành Hiệp Hội Kỹ Thuật Số, một trong những Hiệp Hội đã hợp tác cùng Amnesty International-Tổ chức Ân xá Quốc tế, Electronic Frontier Foundation và Privacy International phát triển Software "Detekt“ chống các chương trình gián điệp.

Tác giả chính của "Detekt“ là nhóm Hacker người Đức và Claudio Guarnieri chuyên gia về an toàn mạng. Detekt hiện đang được Citizen Lab sử dụng cho chương trình huấn luyện các nhà tư vấn về an toàn mạng.

Người sử dụng có thể nhập vào trang web “Resist Surveillance” (Chống lại sự giám sát) để tải chương trình ( và được hướng dẫn cách sử dụng. Detekt được sử dụng rất đơn giản với nhiều thứ tiếng như Đức, Ý, Tây Ban Nha, Á rập và Anh ngữ.

Điểm cần lưu ý khi sử dụng: Trước khi sử dụng "Detekt“ máy tính PC phải được tách rời khỏi đường dây Internet. Máy chỉ được nối mạng trở lại một khi chương trình gián điệp cài trong máy bị Detekt tìm ra đã hoàn toàn bị hủy diệt. Ngoài ra cũng không nên quên rằng “Detekt” chỉ là chương trình dò tìm, muốn tiêu diệt một chương trình gián điệp thì phải cần những công cụ khác.
thanhlongphapsu Date: Thứ Bảy, 22 Nov 2014, 5:32 AM | Message # 2
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Detekt is a free tool that scans your Windows computer for traces of FinFisher and Hacking Team RCS, commercial surveillance spyware that has been identified to be also used to target and monitor human rights defenders and journalists around the world.

In recent years we have witnessed a huge growth in the adoption and trade in communication surveillance technologies. Such spyware provides the ability to read personal emails, listen-in skype conversations or even remotely turn on a computers camera and microphone without its owner knowing about it.

Some of this software is widely available on the Internet, while some more sophisticated alternatives are made and sold by private companies based in industrialized countries to state law enforcement and intelligence agencies in countries across the world.

There is little to no regulation currently in place to safeguard against these technologies being sold or used by repressive governments or others who are likely to use them for serious human rights violations and abuses.

You can find many reports on the use of spyware against civil society here. You can learn more about the trade in unlawful surveillance equipment by visiting the Coalition Against Unlawful Surveillance Exports website.
It has been well documented that governments are using surveillance technology to target human rights defenders, journalists, NGOs, political opponents, religious or ethnic minorities and to conduct countrywide surveillance.

If you suspect you are at risk of surveillance, learn how to use Detekt here.

If you are technical, learn more about how Detekt works and how to contribute here.

Please beware that Detekt is a best effort tool. While it may have been effective in previous investigations, it does not provide a conclusive guarantee that your computer is not compromised by the spyware it aims to detect. The tool is provided as is, without warranties or guarantees of any kind.

If you suspect that your work or activities put you at risk of targeted surveillance you may wish to use Detekt to scan your computer for traces of known spyware.

It is important to underline that if Detekt does not find trace of spyware on a computer, it does not necessarily mean that none is present. Some spyware will likely be updated in response to the release of Detekt in order to avoid detection. In addition, there may be existing versions of spyware, from these or other providers, which are not detected by this tool.

To learn more we recommend you visit EFF's Surveillance Self-Defense.
If you suspect you are at risk of targeted surveillance you should always seek and follow security advice to ensure you protect yourself and others in your digital communications.

Before launching the tool, close all applications and make sure the computer is disconnected from the Internet. if spyware is detected, you should not reconnect the computer to the Internet again until it has been cleaned. We recommend that you disable your Antivirus software to prevent possible interference or false positives.
Step 1.

In order to use Detekt you need to execute it with administrative rights. You can do this by clicking with the right mouse button on the icon and selecting "Run As Administrator".

On Windows XP a simple double-click should be sufficient.
Step 1 of using DETEKT
Step 2.1 of using DETEKT
Step 2.2 of using DETEKT

Step 2.

Detekt is currently available in Amharic, Arabic, English, German, Italian and Spanish. You can choose your preferred languagea from a dropdown menu.

Once launched, the tool will open a graphical interface and when instructed to Scan, it will start analyzing the computer's memory in order to look for traces of the spyware.

This scanning process might take even up to 30 minutes, depending on the performances of the computer.

Step 3.

When the execution is completed, the tool will present the outcome of the scan and will clearly indicate whether an infection was found.

The tool also generates a log file with additional details that can be useful for technical experts to further investigate. We recommend you print or save a copy of the log file (somewhere other than your infected computer) and provide this to a technical expert when seeking assistance.

Step 3 of using DETEKT
What should I do ifDetekt identifies spyware?

In case the tool identifies the presence of some spyware on your computer, you should follow the instructions available here and seek assistance. In some cases Detekt can be wrong so it is important to have an expert review your computer. Get in contact with us to verify the results.

Detekt does not remove any infection or delete any file that it considers suspicious. If Detekt indicates signs of infection, you should assume that your computer has been compromised and is no longer safe for use. The attacker will likely have remote-control access of your computer, meaning they can view not only your files and emails but everything you type on your keyboard and could even switch on your webcam and microphone remotely.
Disconnect the computer from the Internet immediately and seek assistance from an expert.


Before proceeding with the download, make sure you have read all the instructions and disclaimers. Currently, Windows 8.1 is not supported.

Download Detekt
About the organizations behindDetekt

Detekt is released in partnership with Amnesty International, Digitale Gesellschaft, Electronic Frontier Foundation and Privacy International.

This tool has been released publicly in order to provide researchers, human rights workers, journalists and others who suspect they are targets of unlawful surveillance with the means to easily test their computers for known spyware

Detekt was developed by Claudio Guarnieri with the invaluable help of Bill Marczack, Morgan Marquis-Boire, Eva Galperin, Tanya O'Carroll, Andre Meister, Jillian York, Michael Ligh, Endalkachew Chala.

The tool is free and open source software and is provided as is, without warranties or guarantees of any kind.
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